Jay Bennett for Grand Ledge School Board

Re-elect on November 8, 2016

Proud to be a Comet!

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As the election grows closer I thought I would share some of the things that we have accomplished as a board and as a district in the past 5 years. Has it been 5 years of rainbows and lollipops? Nope. Are there things that I wish had gone differently? Absolutely. Are there things that I want to work on during my next term when re-elected? You betcha!

Here are just a few of our many accomplishments…

  • a 5-year signed agreement with our teaching staff
  • a growing fund balance
  • a growing student population
  • the startup of a successful 3-4 year old program
  • a renewal of our sinking fund bond
  • additional positions throughout the district to help support our students, staff and teachers
    • Dean of Students at the Elementary level
    • District wide Reading and Math Coaches
    • Consolidation of positions within our Central Office Administrators

Here a few that I hope to complete in my next 6 year term…

  • passage of a significant facilities bond
  • continued student growth
  • continued fund balance growth
  • continued progress toward student academic growth

I know that myself and my fellow board and administrative team have great plans for Grand Ledge and its students and staff. We have accomplished a lot and there is a lot that still needs to be done. I look forward to serving another 6 years to continue our work toward these goals and to make sure that everyone in the Grand Ledge Schools and its community can proclaim that they are, “Proud to be a Comet!”


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