Jay Bennett for Grand Ledge School Board

Re-elect on November 8, 2016

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Proud to be a Comet!

As the election grows closer I thought I would share some of the things that we have accomplished as a board and as a district in the past 5 years. Has it been 5 years of rainbows and lollipops? Nope. Are there things that I wish had gone differently? Absolutely. Are there things that I want to work on during my next term when re-elected? You betcha!

Here are just a few of our many accomplishments…

  • a 5-year signed agreement with our teaching staff
  • a growing fund balance
  • a growing student population
  • the startup of a successful 3-4 year old program
  • a renewal of our sinking fund bond
  • additional positions throughout the district to help support our students, staff and teachers
    • Dean of Students at the Elementary level
    • District wide Reading and Math Coaches
    • Consolidation of positions within our Central Office Administrators

Here a few that I hope to complete in my next 6 year term…

  • passage of a significant facilities bond
  • continued student growth
  • continued fund balance growth
  • continued progress toward student academic growth

I know that myself and my fellow board and administrative team have great plans for Grand Ledge and its students and staff. We have accomplished a lot and there is a lot that still needs to be done. I look forward to serving another 6 years to continue our work toward these goals and to make sure that everyone in the Grand Ledge Schools and its community can proclaim that they are, “Proud to be a Comet!”


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Great take on the importance of changing the way we teach and learn

For one thing, it requires teachers who inhabit that mindset themselves, and they’re harder to find. For another, it takes a more patient perspective than the prevailing one in public education, which expects teachers to post a learning objective on the board before each class and end every unit with a multiple-choice test.